Slow Criticism

The Slow Criticism Project, coined by De Filmkrant editor Dana Linssen in 2009 as a way to champion “wayward articles that too seldom find their way to print, because they are considered too philosophical, personal, political or poetic,” has drawn interest as well as the ire of some observers skeptical of its contrarian principles.

“Out of the Comfort Zone,” De Filmkrant, February 2011

De Filmkrant invited critics to a two-day conference at Ljubljana Film Festival in November 2010 to discuss the commodification of film criticism. The results of this conversation were published in a bilingual issue of the magazine, linked here.

“Slow Criticism: Overcooked Ideas in an Aptly Named Crockpot,” Vadim Rizov

At the GreenCine Daily blog, Vadim Rizov offers a dissenting view.

“Slow, fast, and inbetween,” Dan Fox, Frieze

Fox takes the measure of a related trend, Slow Cinema, and the critical “storm-in-a-teacup” it has unleashed.

“The Disposable & the Discontinuous,” Michael Guillén

Blogger Michael Guillén interviews Jonathan Rosenbaum about slow criticism, digital culture, and discontinuous viewing.

“Toward an Aesthetic of Slow in Contemporary Cinema,” Matthew Flanagan

Flanagan examines a distinctive narrative form devoted to stillness and contemplation which has emerged in the work of transnational filmmakers over the past two decades.

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