Film Criticism in Crisis?

A discussion at the 2008 New York Film Festival between Acquarello, Jessica Winter, David Hudson, Seung Hoon Jeong, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Emmanuel Burdeau, and Kent Jones, moderated by Film Comment editor Gavin Smith.

“The Need for Documentary Criticism,” UnionDocs panel

Richard Brody (New Yorker), Ed Halter (Light Industry), Thom Powers (Toronto International Film Festival, DOC NYC, Stranger than Fiction), Lisa Rosman (New Deal Sally), Aaron Hillis (GreenCine Daily, Benten Films), and Karin Chien (dGenerate Films) discuss the challenges of getting documentaries critically reviewed and brainstorm solutions.

“The Art of Film Criticism,” The Leonard Lopate Show [MP3]

Phillip Lopate, editor of American Movie Critics, leads a panel with Kent Jones, Andrew Sarris, J. Hoberman, and Stanley Kauffmann.

“Critics on Critics,” Sight & Sound contributors

Various U.K.- and U.S.-based film critics extol the virtues of their favorite film writers and arts critics.

“When Movies Mattered,” Dave Kehr, Danny Kasman, Dave Phelps [MP3]

Three critics discuss movie-going in the late 1970s and early 1980s, auteurist culture wars, the audience for criticism today, Arlene Croce, and more.

“Nation Conversations: The Future of Film Criticism” [MP3]

The Nation‘s film critic Stuart Klawans joined David Sterrit of the National Society of Film Critics and Lisa Schwarzbaum of Entertainment Weekly for a panel discussion moderated by Cinema Journal’s Heather Hendershot on the future of film criticism and the new methods for disseminating thoughtful writing about film.

“What Are Bloggers Changing?” Panel Discussion, Locarno 
There is not a direct link. Go to August 8, then scroll down to Forum: What Are Bloggers Changing?

Fear Eats the Soul: The State of Film Criticism 

Nick James, David Thomson, and Stephanie Zacharek discuss the difficulties of writing serious criticism in the face of commercial pressures. Moderated by Dana Linssen for the Berlin Talent Campus.

“Critical Failure: Film” 
This is the first of a four-part series of public forums on arts criticism in Australia, called Critical Failure, recorded at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne and hosted by Peter Mares. The panelists are Adrian Martin, filmmaker Gillian Armstrong, Mel Campbell (editor of an online pop culture magazine called The Enthusiast), and Fenella Kernebone, who presents Arts Nation on ABC TV.

“Out of the Comfort Zone”

At the Rotterdam Film Festival, Gabe Klinger, Adrian Martin, Cristina Nord, Neil Young, and Chris Fujiwara wrestle with the idea of whether film critics need to be contrarian. Moderated by Dana Linssen.

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