Here we have gathered our research, annotating links to many of the texts, videos and positions that have informed the process of putting “Project: New Cinephilia” together.


Many a panel discussion has explored the territory of film criticism; here we gather the pick of the bunch.

Essential Texts

From Bazin to Sontag, some foundational statements on criticism and cinephilia that we feel are most relevant to the curatorial spirit of “Project: New Cinephilia.”


Fiery, disputatious articles touching on different aspects of the cinematic experience: rants, screeds, opinionated musings, declarations of allegiance and resistance.

Slow Criticism

Some coordinates on the burgeoning Slow Criticism movement.

Video Essays

Recent examples of critics taking up the camera to explore film and video as a critical essay format.

Cinephilia Studies

Position papers from the ivory tower on forms of cinephilia new and old.

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