Below you’ll find direct links to the original pieces we’ve commissioned, or works presented for the first time here in translation,  from our roster of international contributors, updated on an ongoing basis.


“At the Movies with Marcellus Hall: Illustrations from the New Yorker, 1993-2010,” by Marcellus Hall

“Cinephilia and Comics” by Edward Ross


“Criticism and Film Studies: A Response to David Bordwell,” by Chris Fujiwara

“Taken Up by Waves: The Experience of New Cinephilia,” by Girish Shambu

“No Direction Home: Creative Criticism” by Adrian Martin

Originally published in Spanish translation in Cahiers du cinema. España, no. 32 (March 2010), pp. 84-85. Published here for the first time online in English.

“Class Action: Teaching to the Film-Savvy Crowd in Toronto” by Adam Nayman

“To the Tower Again: A Film Critic Reflects on Academia” by Michael Joshua Rowin

“Certified Copy: Film Preservation in the Age of New Cinephilia,” by Leah Churner

“About Refractive Cinema: When Films Interrogate Films,” by Timothy Corrigan 

An excerpt from Timothy Corrigan’s book The Essay Film: From Montaigne, After Marker, forthcoming from Oxford University Press in August 2011. It is published here by permission.

“Eyes Wide Shut: Notes Toward a New Video Criticism,” by Damon Smith


“The Paper Chase: On the Origins of Reverse Shot,” by Michael Koresky and Jeff Reichert


A conversation between Michael Koresky, Kent Jones, Melissa Anderson, Daniel Cockburn, and Genevieve Yue.

A conversation between Mike Everleth, Andrew Grant, Frances Morgan, and Mathieu Ravier, moderated by Neil Young