Project: New Cinephilia Symposium

Thursday 16 June 2011  |  Edinburgh International Film Festival
9.30am – 6pm Inspace | 6.30pm – 8pm Festivalhouse@Teviot

A day long symposium at Inspace consisting of six sessions, each one exploring a different area of cinephilia and its place within our lives. Sessions will explore reading film – how we position ourselves when deciphering cinema in the 21st Century, getting your voice heard – a masterclass in developing your own fanzine or blog, and discussions on how film is consumed, taught and understood within our lives.  The day will be rounded off with a Twitterthon at Festivalhouse@Teviot, a 140 character film critic deathmatch where writers battle it out on the topics of modern day cinephilia using only the power and reach of twitter.

Session details below. Find out more about the session speakers on our Contributors page.

Ticket information can be found here http://www.edfilmfest.org.uk/films/2011/project-new-cinephilia

Session Schedule

09:00   Doors Open at Inspace

10.00   Welcome from the Curators

10:15   Provocations part 1: Who Needs Cinema?

10:35   Critical Approaches: How to Read a Film Today

11:45   Break

12:00   Passions: Getting Your Voice Heard, Starting a Film Publication

13:10   Lunch break

14:20   Provocations part 2:

14:40   Critical Approaches: Tools, Formats and Experiments

15:50   Passions: What Does It Mean to Be a Cinephile Today?

17:00   Break

17:15   Respondent: My God, What Have We Done?

18:00   End at Inspace, move to Teviot

18:30   Twitterthon in association with Little White Lies

Session Details

10.15am & 2.20pm Provocations

Project: New Cinephilia has been formulated as a platform to discuss the way we write and talk about film now.  To get the juices flowing we have invited several folk with strong opinions on contemporary cinephilia to offer their take on things and give proceedings a prod in the ribs.  Sprinkled through the day, some live and some pre-recorded video, each provocation will be exactly five minutes and end with a question for the audience to chew on.

Provocateurs include: Matt Lloyd, Mark Cousins (video), Gail Tolley, Yoram Allon and Michael Pierce.

10.35am Critical Approaches: How to Read a Film Today

What are the analytical tools we use to understand and read a film? Which cues trigger our critical imagination? And what are the pleasures in taking sometimes contrary positions to the material?  Here a crack team of writers and programmers will each screen a short clip from a film and talk through exactly how they position themselves and read what’s on screen.  Finally a surprise clip is shown and our panelists suggest how they would critically approach reading it, opening for more audience conversation.

Speakers: Ed Lawrenson, Frances Morgan and Jason Wood. Chair: Kate Taylor

12pm Passions: Getting Your Voice Heard, Starting a Film Publication

So you love film and you have a way with words.  You are ready unleash your theories on the nature of sequels and who should really have won the Palme d’Or to a public of your peers.  This session will be packed with practical advice on how to start a publication and find an audience.  Including speakers from Little White Lies and Reverse Shot, we’ll be exploring examples from zines to podcasts, and considering various editorial approaches and their evolution.

Speakers: Sam Clements, Michael Koresky, Jeff Reichert and Adam Woodward. Chair: Damon Smith

2.40pm Critical Approaches II: Tools, Formats and Experiments

Have the tools for film criticism have been reinvented since the 1960s?  But what are the unique forms emerging for critics in non-traditional mediums and what spaces are opened up through the internet?  From the rise of the picture essay, to collective blog-a-thons and ongoing explorations into video essays, this session will focus on what these invigorating formats offer for cinephiles and audiences.

Speakers: David Cairns, Eric Hynes, Michael Koresky, Jeff Reichert, and Edward Ross. Chair: Virginie Sélavy

3.50pm Passions: What Does It Mean to Be a Cinephile Today?
The heart of Project: New Cinephilia, in this session everyone gets their say.  Guest hosts will be presented with an envelope with a topic for discussion and the audience will split into groups to riff on the issues at hand.  Using the provocations we’ve heard through the day, this is a chance for critics and audiences to engage in conversation with each other discussing how we make, consume, teach, and talk about cinema.

Guest hosts to include the day’s speakers and film writers/programmers including Jamie Dunn, Paul Gallagher, Gabrielle Jenks and Omar Kholeif

5.15pm Respondent: My God, What Have We Done?

A short sharp summing up of the topics, ideas and wayward conclusions of the symposium to wind up the day at Inspace, before we head next door to Festivalhouse @ Teviot for a drink and some Twitter action.

Speaker: Pasquale Iannone

6.30pm Twitterthon in association with Little White Lies

Inspired by Roger Ebert’s twitter showdown at Toronto International Film Festival, P:NC present our own take on the quick-fire format.  Here, the chair offers a series of statements on film criticism and four intrepid tweeters have a minute to summon up their wit, intelligence and worldly film knowledge and respond in 140 characters. This critic deathmatch will be judged via deeply scientific audience clap-a-thon, and remote viewers can experience the twitterstream online. Prizes kindly donated by Zero Books.

Chair: Adam Woodward, Host: James Mullighan