Online Roundtable 1: Meet the Guests

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For the next week, Project: New Cinephilia is home to the first of our Online Roundtables, where five critics take it in turns to riff on cinephilia and respond to each other’s comments.  For this we have invited writers, programmers and distributors that many people will have encountered initially online, and whose writing has fed our cinephilia as readers, by being both infectious in their prose and generous with their links and references, leading audiences to new discoveries.

Our debut chair is Neil Young (Jigsaw Lounge) with esteemed guest contributors Frances Morgan (Sight & Sound), Mike Everleth (Bad Lit), Mathieu Ravier (The Festivalists) and Andrew Grant (Benten Films). The conversation will take place in a rough timezone order that spins from Sunderland to London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Berlin and back to Sunderland.

For full biographies please visit our Contributors page.  You will find all related posts in the Online Roundtable 1 .  Meanwhile, we welcome Neil to kick things off…